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Humanities and Stable Careers


This was a wide open conversation with Dr. Jeniree Flores for her podcast, LatinXCan. It’s a wonderful podcast that features diverse Latinx professionals talking about their careers and related topics. I got a chance to talk about my new collection of stories, Migrations. But I also discussed shared details about my academic career, writing, and language. All of this led to a lively discussion on stable careers in the humanities. Listen in and learn why you will not starve if you study the humanities. In fact, you might be surprised to know people majoring in the humanities not only find stable careers, but do quite well for themselves! It’s episode 37 on this link: https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/latinxcan

Latinx Identity Project with Elsa Iris Reyes


The podcast with Elsa Iris Reyes about my new book, Migrations, and issues related to identity, is now live. You can listen to it here: https://www.latinxidentityproject.com/episodes/4wqen9r4dtdpxhk9pjqe3ts706paey

About Elsa Iris Reyes and The Latinx Identity Project:

Elsa Iris Reyes is a current resident in Austin, Texas on a mission to explore what it means to explore identities beyond the labels. This project aims at amplifying the voices of people of diverse backgrounds and careers.

The Latinx Identity Project is a podcast that has created a platform to amplify the voices of the Latinx community by continuing our oral tradition of storytelling. Our stories demonstrate our resilience, hope, and dedication to an existence greater than ourselves. As we share our stories, we create a movement of people growing and learning together to build a better future.

Should we use the term “Latinx”?

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