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Rachael Herron’s How Do You Write, is a craft-centered podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her about craft. Among the several topics we discussed, I talked about how to read like a writer. It’s an approach to reading that affords you the best way to find writing tips. I came across this approach when I read Francine Prose’s Reading Like a Writer. I often used Prose’s book in my creative writing classes. and would recommend it to every writer. In the meantime, listen in on our conversation below and get a sense of what “reading like a writer” means.

About the podcast, How Do You Write: Explore the processes of working writers with bestselling author Rachael Herron. How do you write a book? Start here. You’ll gain tips to get in the chair, tricks to stay there, and inspiration to get your own words flowing. If you want to check out her website, here is the link:

About the host: R.H. (Rachael) Herron is the bestselling author of more than two dozen books, including thriller (under R.H. Herron), mainstream fiction, feminist romance, memoir, and nonfiction about writing. She received her MFA in writing from Mills College, Oakland, and she teaches writing extension workshops at both UC Berkeley and Stanford. She is a proud member of the NaNoWriMo Writer’s Board. She’s a New Zealand citizen as well as an American.

In Conversation with Jim Herlihy at the San Francisco Experience


This was an enjoyable conversation with Jim Herlihy, on his podcast, the San Francisco Experience. Jim is a wonderful podcast host who asked excellent questions directly related to the content of Migrations. The conversation was fluid and covered many interesting topics related to Migrations, the Diasporican experience, growing up in New York City, writing in general, among others. It’s short but rich in content. Tune in.

Also check out his website’s blogpost on the interview:

About The San Francisco Experience and Jim Herlihy

We are a “deep dive,” data-driven news podcast, for Americans who get their news from the Internet. Our mission is to give the listener succinct, fact based analysis both non-ideological and independent from a California, Silicon Valley perspective, featuring newsmakers, thought leaders and authors as guests.

Your host:

Jim Herlihy is a published author: his novel “Deceit and Dirty Money” is available on line. He served as President of the SF Public Library Commission 1992 – 1996. While working in Latin America, he was a stringer for The Economist, The Times and the BBC. Jim serves as a director on two SF sister city boards : Bangalore, India and Cork, Ireland.

The Nuyorican Hallway: Belonging & Living Between Worlds


Such an engaging conversation with host Julian Esteban Torres Lopez. This is one of the best conversations I’ve had with a podcast host that discusses Puerto Rico’s present condition. Our conversation centered on the idea of living in the “Nuyorican Hallway” and belonging and living in between worlds. But it also goes beyond those topics to embrace significantly related issues. Listen in. I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating and informative.

To learn more about The Nasiona, their staff, and their mission, check out this link:

Uncut: videocast with Lucia Matuonto


Lucia Matuonto was nice enough to invite me on her videocast, Uncut, after interviewing me on her other podcast, The Relatable Voice. Listen to our conversation, which is more informal and personal, here:

On The Relatable Voice Podcast With Lucia Matuonto


I had a great time talking with Lucia Matuonto about those lived experiences that have influenced my writing, including my current short story collection, Migrations. Listen here:

About Lucia Matuonto:

A book author, painter and children’s physiotherapist, Lucia’s writing journey started about 20 years ago when she wrote articles for magazines and had a successful blog. She was born in Brazil, studied and lived in 6 countries. Matuonto used to teach and treat children with motor and cognitive disabilities. The children she met inspired her to create an imaginary world, full of animals and fantasy. By observing the beach fauna in Florida, Lucia developed her characters, who are now present in many children’s lives.

Talking about the Puerto Rican Diaspora & Writing with Writers Drinking Coffee


I had an enjoyable conversation with John Schmidt, Chaz Brenchley and Karen Brenchley in which we discussed what it’s like to write from the perspective of a diasporican and how it relates to Migrations. Listen here:

About WDC and the hosts:

Hello everyone, and welcome to Writers Drinking Coffee. This is a podcast based on writers sitting around, drinking coffee and/or occasionally wine, and talking about anything and everything.

Bean Scene Café –
Chaz Brenchley – or @chazbrenchley
Jeannie Warner – @thetsmorgan
John Schmidt – @JohnRSchmidt
Michael Engberg – music intro and exit –

For information on the hosts of Writers Drinking Coffee check:

Latinx Identity Project with Elsa Iris Reyes


The podcast with Elsa Iris Reyes about my new book, Migrations, and issues related to identity, is now live. You can listen to it here:

About Elsa Iris Reyes and The Latinx Identity Project:

Elsa Iris Reyes is a current resident in Austin, Texas on a mission to explore what it means to explore identities beyond the labels. This project aims at amplifying the voices of people of diverse backgrounds and careers.

The Latinx Identity Project is a podcast that has created a platform to amplify the voices of the Latinx community by continuing our oral tradition of storytelling. Our stories demonstrate our resilience, hope, and dedication to an existence greater than ourselves. As we share our stories, we create a movement of people growing and learning together to build a better future.

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