Advice to Committed BIPOC Writers.

In this article, written for DIY MFA, I offer advice to committed BIPOC writers on writing and publishing. Whether you enter an MFA program or not, it is advice that any committed writer should consider. Anyone who reads it, whether BIPOC writer or not, will better understand the current state of publishing in the US. It is advice that I would have loved to have when I started my MFA and my writing career. I also explore issues of representation in publishing, the complexity of which, most people do not grasp. I hope you enjoy this piece and learn from it. As always, I appreciate any feedback you offer in the comments section below. I would like to hear more from you! I always look forward to engaging readers in dialogue. Thanks to Gabriela Pereira of DIY MFA for inviting me to submit a guest post.

DIY MFA is an ingenious website which dedicates itself to offering learning resources for writers. If you cannot study in an MFA program and want to learn more about writing, this website is for you. For more information, here’s the link:

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